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Stephens' Kangaroo Rat Habitat Conservation Plan


Table 2

HCP Information Requirements and Approval Criteria

Federal ESA California ESA
HCP requirements, as stated in Section 10(a) and 50 CFR 13 and 17:
  1. Common and scientific names(s) of species;
  2. Names of responsible parties;
  3. Impacts likely to result from the taking;
  4. Measures to monitor, minimize, and mitigate impacts;
  5. Funding available to undertake the proposed measures;
  6. Procedures to with unforeseen circumstances;
  7. Alternatives that would not result in and the reasons why the alternatives were not adopted;
  8. Additional measures (if any) required by USFWS as necessary or appropriate.
2081 agreement requirements, as in CDFG draft guidelines:
  1. Description of the affected species and their habitat(s);
  2. Description of the project that will affect the listed species; including maps showing the overall project and impact area;
  3. Analysis of potential impacts, including cumulative effects on in and adjacent to the project area;
  4. Analysis of alternatives designed to reduce or eliminate impacts to the listed species;
  5. Description of on and off mitigation measures;
  6. Financial assurances regarding the implementation of mitigation measures.
Approval Criteria
Approval criteria for an Incidental take permit, as stated in Section 10(a)(1)(B) and 50 CPR 13 and 17:
  1. The taking will be incidental to an otherwise lawful activity;
  2. The applicant will, to the maximum extent practicable, minimize and mitigate the impacts of the taking;
  3. The applicant will ensure that adequate funding for the plan and procedures to with unforeseen circumstances will be provided;
  4. The taking will not appreciably reduce the likelihood of the survival and recovery of the species in the wild;
  5. The applicant will ensure that the other measures, if any, required by USFWS will be met; and
  6. USFWS is assured that the conservation plan will be implemented.
No approval criteria stated in ESA; questions used by CDFG in consultations under Section 2090 used to identify impacts that the plan should avoid or adequately mitigate:
  1. Would a viable or recoverable population be eliminated or a significant proportion of a population be adversely affected?
  2. Would the range of the species be significantly diminished?
  3. Would the quantity or quality of the species' habitat be reduced by immediate or future effects?
  4. Would the species' access to its habitat be reduced or rendered more hazardous?
  5. Would current or future efforts to protect species be adversely affected?
  6. Would plans for the recovery or eventual desisting of the be adversely affected?
  7. Would the project interfere with reproductive or other behavior of the species?
  8. Would the project cause, or increase the risk of, the species' extinction?

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