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Agency Director


Carolyn Syms Luna is the Riverside County Planning Director. Ms. Luna also serves as the Executive Director of the Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency, an eleven (11) member Joint Powers Authority administering the Stephens' Kangaroo Rat Habitat Conservation Plan. Additionally, she represents Riverside County concerning the Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan.

She has worked for Riverside County over 20 years in various capacities, including General Manager of the Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority administering the Western Riverside County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan; Deputy Director of the Economic Development Agency; Principal Planner with the Planning Department; and Legislative Assistant to Fourth District Supervisor Roy Wilson, where she was responsible for land use, planning, air quality, code enforcement, and transportation matters.

Agency Executive Director Carolyn Syms Luna Photo

RCHCA Executive Director Carolyn Syms Luna



  • Budgetary oversight & financial analysis
  • Annual Report
  • Purchasing and Contract Management
  • Asset Management
  • Insurance Oversight and Monitoring
  • Fee Collection & Oversight
  • Monitoring Policy & Procedure Development
  • Meetings, Correspondence, Agency Communication
  • RCHCA Website


  • Policy & procedure implementation
  • Management Plan oversight
  • Committee participation
  • Natural Resources Manager supervision
  • Management of reserve operations
  • Contract oversight
  • National Endangered Species Day
  • Educational outreach

Administrative Monitoring

  • Attend meetings and disseminate information
  • Oversee SKR Monitoring Program
  • Participate in other management activities as required

Field Monitoring

  • Implement SKR Monitoring Program
  • Utilize data to identify long-term trends in SKR populations
  • Coordinate with other SKR monitoring efforts
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